The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market takes place three times per year at the historic Roebling Wire Works building in Trenton, New Jersey. Our team embraces a life-long love of punk rock and hardcore, DIY ethics, the arts, tattooPrints, copious amounts of coffee, the occasional shot of Jameson and a solid, well-styled quiff. The mission of founder Joseph Kuzemka was to create a flea market experience in his hometown that is unlike any other, bringing together vendors that touch upon the aforementioned themes while adding the component of gourmet food truck cuisine in a safe, family-friendly shopping environment. The market is a curated collection
of more than 200 vendors from eight states that sell everything from vintage clothing, original artwork, antiques, handmade jewelry, t-shirts, vintage toys, vinyl, bone jewelry, taxidermy, as well as every other sort of interesting curiosity or unique collectible imaginable.

They held the first event in 2013 with just over 50 vendors and two food trucks, and have now grown into our larger home, just down the street, with the addition of a dozen food trucks, special attractions, celebrity appearances, legendary Black Swag Bags, and much, much more! Make your way down to New Jersey’s Capital City, and come see what the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is all about!



We are happy to announce dreadcentral as a sponsor for the first New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. Known for supporting all things horror across the globe, Dread Central will be hosting contests and giveaways all three days of the show to make sure plenty of fans leave with a little something extra. www.dreadcentral.com



We are so lucky and happy to announce New Jersey owned  Wild Eye Releasing is a sponsor of New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. Wild eye Releasing,  a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, represents horror, exploitation, dark arthouse, cult and documentary films from around the world. It is our mission to bring new and talented filmmakers and their work to as large an audience as possible, creating both traditional and digital opportunities for lower budgeted films made outside the studio system.



We are so lucky and happy to announce New Jersey owned Smarties candy to be a sponsor of our event New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival! They are proud to support the arts and the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival with suppling us with 40 POUNDS of smarties candies! They will be available through the con and film festival for all to enjoy! Here is a little about Smarties:

Smarties come in 6 fruity flavors:smarties-candy-company-2-gif

White = Orange-Cream  Yellow = Pineapple  Pink = Cherry  Green = Strawberry  Purple = Grape  Orange = Orange

Indulge your sweet tooth with the yummy Smarties candy wafer roll you know and love, just the way you remember it.  It’s no wonder they have been one of the leading Halloween treats for over 50 years!The perfect treat anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about a mess in the heat- they won’t melt! Thank you to the great people at Smarties candy for the support of the arts and our event!


Deadly Ground Coffee is not just coffee… it’s coffee to die for. Start your day off (or end it) with a better cup o’ Joe and find out for yourself why everyone is raving about Deadly Grounds Coffee. You”ll be hard pressed to find a richer, more flavorful coffee. Our coffee is roasted in small batches, ensuring the coffee you get is aromatic, fresh, and unforgettable. No bitter or over roasted burnt flavor – ever. Find out for yourself what the buzz is about.


So what’s with all the dark imagery? Certainly coffee that sports a toe tagged cadaver or the grim reaper can’t be serious coffee, right? Oh but it is. We may not take ourselves very seriously but we’re serious about our coffee… deadly serious. We just felt the world was loaded with enough coffee brands boasting about how great their brew is or how every bean was hand selected, etc. We’re big fans of horror and everyone knows horror fans know good coffee. We set out to make the absolute best gourmet coffee that would stand up to the intense scrutiny of every dark fan but also be too irresistible to those other serious coffee fans out there. Just one sip and you’ll know why once you go Deadly, you just can’t go back. It’s coffee to die for.


Wize Guys Collectibles 

Wize Guys Collectibles offers a variety of services, and not just buying and selling toys!


Through our specialists and business partners, we are proud to offer other professional services as well such as consultations, professional website/graphic design and professional printing! Please see below for descriptions of our services and information on how to take advantage of them!


 Westchester County Tattoo Convention


The 5th annual Westchester County Tattoo Convention, hosted by Addicted to Ink, will be taking place at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, 2017!

Featuring hundreds of artists, vendors, art and apparel dealers, seminars, live music, sideshow acts, and lots more.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance or day of show in person at the Westchester County Center box office.

Be sure to check out our website, www.westchestertattoocon.com, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest updates!

@westchestertattoocon on social media





Sunset Ridge Electrical is an authorized GENERAC whole house generator dealer and installer. They also provide yearly maintenance for all GENERAC generators. Additionally, they are residential and commercial electrical contractors. Follow them on Facebook or contact them at ( sunsetridgeelectrical@gmail.com )




Petunia Rocks! answers the call of those girls looking for an escape from the boring and mundane fashions. Petunia Rocks! Is where you can find dark and unusual wears.

We are proud sponsors of the first New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival stop by and see us!


Instagram: @petuniarocksfashion



Sourpuss Clothing
Do you love Sourpuss? Well we do too! Sourpuss is an independently owned, customer focused company that caters to the punk, rockabilly, retro, horror, and kitsch lifestyles! Our ultimate goal is for you to be just as excited as we are about all of the awesome things we create and find for you! Our DIY attitude and customer loyalty is what holds this ship together and separates us from the rest. If you have a question or comment, please feel free to email us anytime! We love hearing from you!
Some of the brands we carry include: Sourpuss, Lucky 13, Fred Perry, Black Market Art, T.U.K., Kreepsville 666, Hell Bunny, Miss Fortune, Switchblade Stiletto, Iron Fist, Steady Clothing, Liquorbrand, Pinky Pinups
Follow us on Flipboard @Sourpuss
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Lave Soap
Handcrafted Soap! LAVE is committed, not only to offering totally awesome skin care products, but to philanthropy efforts. Detergent, toxin and cruelty free,. LAVE products are great for your skin AND great for the community!  Our goal is to empower our community to LEARN, ADOPT, VOICE, and EDUCATE (L.A.V.E)! LAVE Soap Supports Animal Rescue – Buy Soap, Save Lives, LAVE! LAVE is a VERY small family owned operation that dedicates a portion of its proceeds to help animal rescues. And all efforts aim to empower positive social change in our community.