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The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market takes place three times per year at the historic Roebling Wire Works building in Trenton, New Jersey. Our team embraces a life-long love of punk rock and hardcore, DIY ethics, the arts, tattoostatic1-squarespaces, copious amounts of coffee, the occasional shot of Jameson and a solid, well-styled quiff. The mission of founder Joseph Kuzemka was to create a flea market experience in his hometown that is unlike any other, bringing together vendors that touch upon the aforementioned themes while adding the component of gourmet food truck cuisine in a safe, family-friendly shopping environment. The market is a curated collection
of more than 200 vendors from eight states that sell everything from vintage clothing, original artwork, antiques, handmade jewelry, t-shirts, vintage toys, vinyl, bone jewelry, taxidermy, as well as every other sort of interesting curiosity or unique collectible imaginable.




We are so lucky and happy to announce New Jersey owned  Wild Eye Releasing is a sponsor of New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. Wild eye Releasing,  a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, represents horror, exploitation, dark arthouse, cult and documentary films from around the world. It is our mission to bring new and talented filmmakers and their work to as large an audience as possible, creating both traditional and digital opportunities for lower budgeted films made outside the studio system.



We are so lucky and happy to announce New Jersey owned Smarties candy to be a sponsor of our event New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival! They are proud to support the arts and the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival with suppling us with 40 POUNDS of smarties candies! They will be available through the con and film festival for all to enjoy! Here is a little about Smarties:

Smarties come in 6 fruity flavors:


White = Orange-Cream  Yellow = Pineapple  Pink = Cherry  Green = Strawberry  Purple = Grape  Orange = Orange

Indulge your sweet tooth with the yummy Smarties candy wafer roll you know and love, just the way you remember it.  It’s no wonder they have been one of the leading Halloween treats for over 50 years!The perfect treat anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about a mess in the heat- they won’t melt! Thank you to the great people at Smarties candy for the support of the arts and our event!


Deadly Ground Coffee is not just coffee… it’s coffee to die for. Start your day off (or end it) with a better cup o’ Joe and find out for yourself why everyone is raving about Deadly Grounds Coffee. You”ll be hard pressed to find a richer, more flavorful coffee. Our coffee is roasted in small batches, ensuring the coffee you get is aromatic, fresh, and unforgettable. No bitter or over roasted burnt flavor – ever. Find out for yourself what the buzz is about.


So what’s with all the dark imagery? Certainly coffee that sports a toe tagged cadaver or the grim reaper can’t be serious coffee, right? Oh but it is. We may not take ourselves very seriously but we’re serious about our coffee… deadly serious. We just felt the world was loaded with enough coffee brands boasting about how great their brew is or how every bean was hand selected, etc. We’re big fans of horror and everyone knows horror fans know good coffee. We set out to make the absolute best gourmet coffee that would stand up to the intense scrutiny of every dark fan but also be too irresistible to those other serious coffee fans out there. Just one sip and you’ll know why once you go Deadly, you just can’t go back. It’s coffee to die for.





Sunset Ridge Electrical is an authorized GENERAC whole house generator dealer and installer. They also provide yearly maintenance for all GENERAC generators. Additionally, they are residential and commercial electrical contractors. Follow them on Facebook or contact them at ( sunsetridgeelectrical@gmail.com )


Author Tammy Vreeland

In her own words…

I have written 8 books in the Horror genre and 2 Children’s Book which are available at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and other sites. Hard & Soft Back, Nook & Kindle and even Audible:

Horror Books:
*The Folks is about a little boy who acquires imaginary friends.
*The Sea of Souls is a sequel to The Folks, the little boy is grown up with a new story to tell.
*Tailor is about a female serial killer telling her life story to a reporter before she is to be executed.
*Transporter of Souls is about a car transporter who transport cars that people have died in.
*Class Reunion is a slasher book where the murderer uses the exact methods as a writer who is attending her class reunion.
*The Family Tree is about a woman who is trying to escape her family’s traditional religion. In doing so, she needs to question this religion and track down its true origins.
*White Noise Stories – Volume One is about a woman moving into her first apartment in the city. She has a hard time dealing with all of the noise so buys a white noise machine. This in turn makes her dream 13 unusual dreams. Dreams not her own. Can the dead dream and if so has the sound machine allowed her to tap into them?
*White Noise Stories – Volume Two is a continued story of Lauren going on a road trip with her friend Roxy. She hears 13 new and unusual stories through the White Noise on the radio.

Children’s Books:
*Unseen Beauty – Ani (a synonym for “anyone” if you spell it An1) discovers the meaning of Unseen Beauty.
*Unseen Beauty – Urie Remembers First Vacation – Urie is the adorable costume my husband wears to promote Unseen Beauty. When we went to Europe we took the costume along which inspired the book. Urie not only discovers Unseen Beauty within but in different places and people.
*Unseen Beauty – Urie Learns About Halloween. Since Unicorns and Fairies in the woods know nothing about Halloween, Ani tries to teach them what Spooky is and why it is fun not scary.
*My maiden name was Davenport for all my school time friends. Tammy Davenport class of 84, Monrovia – IN

Her website at: Tammy Vreeland



Beginning in 2006, The Bodycounters took on a very special mission. Their goal: to count every body. Their humble beginnings – bored, depressed, and full of Miller Lite – have now led to a higher purpose. They have chronicled their findings painstakingly under extreme conditions. They have risked life and limb to keep their tallies, and now they bring them here to you.


Poisonous Pinups Magazine
Poisonous Pinups Magazine is an online/print magazine and published subscription site offering Pinups, Burlesque, Goth, Cosplay, Gore, Models, Ink, Metal & Horror plus Interviews, Conventions & Festival coverage.  Poisonous Pinups will be providing the New Jersey Horror Con exclusive magazine featuring Countess Camilla Noir and Janette on the cover along with celebrity interviews with show guests, an autograph page and more.

Wize Guys Collectibles

Wize Guys Collectibles offers a variety of services, and not just buying and selling toys!


Through our specialists and business partners, we are proud to offer other professional services as well such as consultations, professional website/graphic design and professional printing! Please see below for descriptions of our services and information on how to take advantage of them!


Baron Craze




Baron, a name synonymous with horror, a Horror Historian, and Promotor of both Horror and Metal Bands, if you seek that catchy tagline, original, that’s this guy. When it comes to horror, he knows it All! A collector of the genre, and the Owner of BC Radio Network, home of over 300k tracks and 330 Labels worldwide with two premiere metal shows Shredding Metal Beasts and Sinister Death (Abomination to Decency). A Producer, Screenwriter, Journalist and the Editor of The Horror Times that covers the entire genre of Horror; fan of the macabre. His motto: “The Extreme Makes a Lasting Impression!”



Hollow9ine Network, Inc.

“The Hollow9ine Network offers a variety of original content and fan made podcasts relating to some of your favorite tv shows, movies, books and more. Listen as our hosts and guest hosts discuss a wide range of topics. Or feel free to become a part of our conversations by directly interacting with us.

Join in the journey, where blind alleys never lead to dead ends…Led by Dave “The Klone” Maresca, a noted and celebrated media guru in an alternate dimension, but through no fault of his own, and irreversible tragedies of science we do not yetunderstand, he is now here…the CEO and Founder of the Hollow9ine Network, Inc…

Under the direction of Dave, Hollow9ine’s latest endeavor is into the world of Audio Drama with their first original production “Tangent City”, which features his dramatic writing, sound design, editing and original music skills, as well as the talents of several members of his network and the acting community. He is an admin and friend of the founder of the Terror Firma Artist Union, and a generally jaded and cynical stand up comic trapped in the body of a working stiff. In his ongoing journey, he is constantly meeting kindred spirits, all of whom are welcomed and invited to be a part of the Hollow9ine Universe. Join us.